Waste Management During The Pandemic

Waste disposal and management services are categorized as essential services by the Australian government and hence these service providers have been functioning even during the pandemic. Keeping the Adelaide skip bins hiring companies open ensures that no illegal methods of waste disposal are followed, which will lead to damage to the environment.

If waste is dumped or disposed of illegally and inappropriately then it can cost millions to clean up and fix the damage. The risk of infection is quite low in the handling waste as there is no contact. The people employed in the service are provided with proper protective equipment like masks and gloves. They are also trained to regularly wash and sanitize their hands.

With the pandemic hitting us, the kind of waste generated has also changed. PPE or Personal Protective Equipment and other clinical waste have become a huge portion of the waste. Disposing of these wastages is very tricky and must be done with utmost care.

Clinical waste must be safely stored in a dedicated container and sealed properly to avoid any spills. Clinical waste must be segregated properly, packaged, and labelled correctly and then transported in such a way that the risk to the people handling the waste and the greater community is minimum. The container used for storing the waste must be rigid and should have a lid that makes it watertight.

The demand for services for transporting clinical waste has increased manifold and hence it is advised that before you call for Adelaide skip bins make sure the container is full so that you reduce the number of pick-ups they need to make.

Storage areas for temporary storing the clinical waste are required to meet the below criteria:

  • The storage area must be hygienic and should have adequate lighting. Also, access must be restricted.
  • The biohazard signpost must be used in the area and other appropriate labeling indicating the type of waste
  • The area must be weather-proof and should have adequate arrangements to contain any spills if they happen. This is to make sure that any spill or leakage does not go into the drains.
  • If cold storage units are hired, then they must be adequately cleaned before returning them to the contractors.
  • The waste received is managed on a first-in, first-out basis.
  • Information about everyone who either enters the storage area or handles the waste is recorded and maintained.

Adelaide skip bins companies are adhering to the guidelines and ensuring the safety of their employees and customers. The companies have reduced high-touch in-person interaction with their customers and are accepting payments in digital mode. The waste handlers and drivers are instructed to follow proper safety measures and practice social distancing. For most of the skip bin hire companies it is the usual business but with added precautions and safety measures.

If you are looking to hire a skip bin service provider, you can contact Adelaide Trailer Bins. All of your queries and concerns will be answered.  Call on 0423026119 or send an email at adelaidetrailerbins@bigpond.com.

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