What happens to the rubbish you put in a skip bin?

With the growing population, the amount of waste generated has also grown. Landfills look like the easiest way to dump this ever-growing waste, however, the ill-effects of these are often ignored. Landfills are one of the major sources of soil pollution and are attributed to be causing almost 80% of soil pollution. Hiring skip bins Adelaide is one of the good waste management practices that one can follow. When you use skip bins you help reduce the damage to our environment. When you go ahead with skip bins you must understand what will happen to the waste that you will put in those. This knowledge will help you make the right choice when hiring a service provider.

Once you put all your waste material into the skip bins, it is removed from your place and is taken back to the skip bins Adelaide company. The experts in the company will look at the waste and separate them in such a way that similar waste is put into one pile. The waste material that is fit for going into the landfills is put in one container and this is where we all need to focus our efforts to bring this down to nil. The rest of the waste products are grouped as below:

  1. Wooden furniture: Old or broken furniture of wood or chipboards can be recycled and reused to create new products. The wood can be shredded and converted into small chips or particles which can then be used to create fibreboards.
  2. Soil: Soil is dug out in all construction projects when creating a foundation. This soil usually needs to be removed from the construction site. The skip bin company removed this excess soil from the site and transports it to a site under a land reclamation scheme. This process helps level the land and create more space for the construction.
  3. Garden waste: Garden waste can be used to create compost, which is extremely useful and healthy for gardens. This can be used for landscaping in homes or by the farmers. The composting process is a natural process and is a slow one. But once the compost is ready it can be used by anyone.
  4. Hardcore waste: Glass, tiles, construction material when discarded as waste cannot be used in their original form. However, they can be crushed and then used in construction projects.
  5. Recyclable material: Some of the electronic waste like computers, refrigerators, mobiles, etc. can be refurbished and reused. If these are improperly disposed of, the various toxic liquids or chemicals in them could leak into the environment and cause damage.

Good skip bin hires companies are a blessing for the environment. If you wish to be a responsible citizen or a responsible business owner, you must try to reduce your waste as much as possible and the first step towards it is choosing the right skip bin hire company. For any advice or information on skip bin and its use reach out to us at Adelaide Trailer Bins. We are available on call on 0423026119.

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