What is Green Waste?

After activities like home renovation, a general clean-up of the property, or a community project, a lot of things emerge as waste and need to be removed and disposed of. Green waste is a type of waste you will encounter in these types of activities and it is important that this is separated from the other types of wastes. If you sort the waste properly from the beginning and segregate different types of wastes using skip bins Adelaide, you will find the process a lot more convenient and make the whole process of waste disposal environment friendly.

Definition of green waste

Any organic waste or garden waste can be considered as green waste, this includes biodegradable material from the garden. Common things included in this category are shrubs, grass clippings, tree branches, woodchips, flowers, leaves and weeds. This waste is not like other waste or garbage produced in your household. This type of waste can be converted into compost or mulch by recycling, which has a lot of benefits.

Sending these biodegradable items to the landfill is like missing a very lucrative opportunity. There are methods like composting and recycling to deal with the waste in an environment-friendly, responsible, and positive manner.

Sorting the waste

Sorting the waste help you prepare it for recycling and you can easily sort them using skip bins. Here are some general guidelines to follow while sorting the waste:

  • Do not put branches or tree stumps greater than 100mm in diameter
  • If you put plastic bags, you might be charged an additional fee
  • Adding prohibited waste or waste products that need some adjustment before recycling attracts additional cost
  • Do not mix regular household garbage with the biodegradable waste
  • Do not dump additional waste near the skip bins
  • Do not use your skip bins for animal or food-related waste

You can choose a weekly or daily pick-up plan with your service provider depending on your need.

Benefits of recycling green waste

You must be wondering why items that are completely biodegradable need to be recycled. Though green waste is biodegradable, if dumped in the landfill it takes up a lot of space. Recycling it can turn it into mulch and compost which can be reused in gardens and yards.

By using skip bins hire Adelaide you will contribute greatly to the environment. As per the data, every Australian adds about 400kgs of garbage on an average annually. This is a lot! Recycling garden waste can reduce carbon emissions by significant levels because the waste is not dumped in the landfills, where all the waste is producing huge quantities of methane.  With skip bins the segregation and sorting become easy and any prohibited waste or items that can’t be recycled don’t reach the recycling facility.

Thus, recycling biodegradable waste does not cause any damage or harm, instead, when it goes to a processing facility it is converted into compost. This can then be used by gardeners, landscape professionals, or community members as an enrichment to the soil.

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